Culture Festival Särin

The culture festival Särin (transl. Sizzling) focuses on artists from Rapla County. The event takes place in the former Rapla Automobile Base building, that now houses Culture Club BAAS and the RCCCA. In addition to the music and theatrical programme, this year we have an art, film and literary programme included in the event. Performers come from all over Estonia and from abroad; over 20 artists take the scene, including poet Kristiina Ehin, the band Ans. Andur, DJ Vaiko Eplik and Swedis poet Pär Hansson.
Peakorraldaja / Chief organiser: Maili Metssalu
Alaprogrammide juhid / Subprogramme curators: Mathura (kirjandus / literature), Kairi Orgusaar (kujutav kunst / visual arts), Sten-Olle Moldau (muusika / music), Aljona Suržikova, Jürgen Volmer (film), Loore Martma (teater / theatre).