KOHATUpreview-424x600 The Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia continues its first ever tour of Estonia with a travelling exhibition “Placeless” with Rapla as the second stop en route from Kuressaare to Valga. The tour is an experiment where the institution transforms itself geographically along a line stretching across the country.

Paul Kuimet’s work “Placeless” that gave name to the event, is a curious photograph, with motives similar to the whole project. We explore a sense of place and placelessness, and have brought together artists whose work reflects those problems. They reflect upon and conceptualise places, placelessness, or even loss of place both in the spatial and the psychological sense. In every new location of our tour, we attempt to generate something site-specific, to give the place a reflection of itself. Other keywords we wish to critically explore are backwater and periphery, provincialism and conservatism, openness and closedness.

Together with the KUMU educational centre, we’ve prepared an educational programme “Sense of PLACE” targeted at the first through third stage of elementary school. A lecture programme for older students and adults also takes place at every location, with topics modified according to the location’s particulars.

Participants: Kristiina Hansen, Flo Kasearu, Eve Kask, Paul Kuimet, Marco Laimre, Tanel Rander, Tõnis Saadoja, Silja Saarepuu & Villu Plink, John Smith

Curators: Marten Esko, Anders Härm

Educational programme: Anu Lüsi (KUMU Educational Centre)

Graphic design: Mikk Heinsoo

Technical team: Neeme Külm, Johannes Säre