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An exhibition of the Estonian Sculptors’ Association and sculpture students of the Pallas art school
08.04-30.04. 2023. Tue – Sun 15.00 – 18.00

As part of their course, students were asked to hold a visual dialogue with their professors. Head of department, Anne Rudanovski, says: “Learning only happens when minds are aligned.” This exhibition demonstrates the fruits of the non-hierarchical teaching method employed by the school.

Participants: Elo Liiv, Villu Jaanisoo, Leena Kuutma, Paul Mänd,
Terje Ojaver, Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo ja Helli Aas, Toomas Bent, Rasmus Hirv, Raigo Kannike, Viktor Kiss, Helene Lüüsi, Elena Madaminova, Ketter Mägi, Tõru-Tõnn Parts, Lotta Karoliina Räsänen, Andreas Tukmann, Carmen Ööbik.

Näituse töögrupp:

Curators: Liina Kinks, Leena Kuutma.
Display design: Viktor Kiss.
Graphic design: Helli Aas, Kert Elliott Mägi.
Lighting design: Kati Kerstna

Leena Kuutma.
Phone. +(372) 5296820, Leena [dot] Kuutma [at] pallasart [dot] ee


Interactive installation
Mar 11, 2023 at 12.00

Metempsychosis takes the viewer into a world of visual expression, viewing health as the original state of matter, but also as an abstract form. Social change confronts culture with the norm. Metempsychosis ends when the change is complete.

Six (Sigrit Lõhmus, b. 1990) is an artist working with light and sound and reflecting on cultural / social contexts, She  prefers to use recycled materials and finds impermanence of the artwork a positive factor and a challenge to the documenter.  Playing with linguistic humour, she leaves the ends untied, free for the viewer to interpret.