01.05 – 17.05 2015

The exhibition is a plunge into dream world. Every night is different. Every dream is different. Which is more real . night or day, dream or wakefulness, life or poetry?

Some thoughts from Doris Kareva on poetry, sleep and dreaming:

“A poem is like a dream; simultaneously a memory and imagination; a reality opening not via the line of life, but that of the destiny; a part of our world not acquired, but ever-present – a notice from the Universe.

A distant rumble in your pulse, an anthem, a hum, a heartbeat heard solely by our ever-playful inner child. She raises her head, listens – words become audible when the sound approaches, then silence descends again, beyond response and responsibility. A dream forgotten before the disciplinary whip of consciousness arrives; writing in the sand swept away by the forbidding tongue of waves.

A poem, a dream, and oblivion ever remain apparitions, trespassing the perceived boundary of reality; an awareness, an awakening – never, oh never are we more ourselves, never as free and yet as infinitely alone as in dreams and poetry – and maybe love.”

Participants: Helena Lasner, Eteri Tõlgo, Mikk Allas, Eha Koit, Avo Päädam, Katrin Kirsipuu, Kaie Kulper, Mari Põld, Anne Kase, Mai-Liis Moora, Helle Merisalu, Kristin Taru, Kristiina Tali, Ave Tislar, Karin Polluks, Tiina Tubli, Anne-Mai Heimola, Marge Vonk, Svea Sööt, Jürgen Korstnik, Marleen Müts.

Design: Eteri Tõlgo

Theatrical performance “We Move” at the opening by the Rapla Gymnasium drama troupe.

Lavastaja / Stage director: Krista Olesk