Merle Kannus. The Human Factor

Merle Kannus (b. 1972) opens her personal exhibition at the Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art on March 18, 2021. The display gives an overview of the author’s recent creations from the last 5 years, and focuses on the human being – both individually and in relations with others of its species. The choice of works underlines the contrast between solitude and togetherness, and also the difference between voluntary and forced communication.

As a sign of the times, forced separation finds an expression in portraits of the author’s friends. The positive aspect of solitude is the topic of the installation “Gray Sky” and the rest of the gamut of human interaction is covered by autobiographical series of images titled “Weed,” “Small Conflicts,” “Pre-Time” and “Where All the Women Are Strong, All the Men Are Good-looking, and All the Children Are Above Average.”

The exhibition stays open until April 11, 2021.