Riin Pallon – Lyrics of the Lagoons

Riin Pallon – Lyrics of the Lagoons
Rapla Gymnasium, Kooli 8, Rapla
Oct 5 – Nov 10, 2023
In cooperation with Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art

Riin Pallon wanders in the playgrounds of the subconcious, inspired by philosophical planes of thought, apocalyptic moods, dreams, but also questions such as what it means to be a female artist, to divide oneself between various roles and duties, looking for balance. In her lyrical and surreal perception of the inner and the outer world, she blends seemingly  incompatible objects, throws in some free associations, forming new imagery and synergies.

In her first time exhibiting in this venue, dhe has drawn inspiration from the building and her memories of her own time at school there – the squeaky doors in the basement reflecting her own subconcious. Lagoons, with their warm, still water, connected to the ocean by just thin openings, resemble the area below consciousness, which also bears only limited ties to the outer world., yet can breed a rich habitat of heretofore unseen ideas.

Large flowers, in Pallon’s paintings, become symbolic of journeys in the soulscape, poetic representations of the inner world.

Text by:Triinu Soikmets, translation by Merle Kannus
Sponsored by: Rapla Municipality, Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art, Rapla Gymnasium