Scenes from That Marriage

Scenes from That Marriage
Anne-Mai Heimola, Karmo Mende
Nov 18- Dec 10, 2023

A duo of scenographers, Anne-Mai Heimola and Karmo Mende, have set up an emotional, language-defying installation with which they seek to guess each other’s experiences.  To create the whole, they utilise ready-made objects, large-scale paintings and custom lighting.

How do real-life experiences and communication build mental spaces? Whispers. Doubts. Misgivings. Suspicion. A corner of shame…

Karmo Mende (b. 1971) graduated from Tartu Arts School in 1991 and scenography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1995. Worked at various theatres and TV channels as art director. Since 2000 has been living and working in Finland, where he’s served as head of the Finnish Scenographers’ and Costumers’ Union, plus artist at Seinäjoki and Jyväskylä theatres. Participated as a freelancer in numerous projects by other Finnish theatres. Recently returning to his native country, he’s also head of the Estonian Scenographers’ Union.

Anne-Mai Heimola ( b. 1960) is a painter and scenographer. She graduated from scenography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1995, worked as set designer at the National Drama Theatre 1980-1986, as set painter at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre Estonia in 1995-2007, as artist, decorator, prop manager and costumer at the Von Krahl Theatre 2000-2012, and participated in numerous theatre and film projects as a freelancer. Member of the Esonian Artists’ Association and the Estonian Painters’ Union, she’s been participating in exhibitions since 1995. Her creative work also includes large-scale interior paintings. She experiments with a number of techniques from classic oil and tempera painting to her own inventions with earth pigments.

Graphic design: Kati Kerstna. Photos: Tiina Kõrtsini

Thanks to: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Rapla County Municipalities Development Foundation.